Textures with lively colours and glossy surfaces

Mon Amour!

The Cementine_20 collection turns classic designs into contemporary patterns: modular solutions
where colour is the key to reinventing settings with a new touch of “decor”.

It’s so chic

The decor approach of the Cementine_Black&White collection focuses on opposites: a complementary balance between black and white for a new approach to minimalism that brings classic right up to date.

The Faboulous Sixties

The Cementine_Evo collection takes a look back to the Sixties, with textures and patterns that bring sophisticated new colours and geometries for a new slant on “Pop” influences.

Twentieth-Century Sophistication

Material-like references, natural shades and clay textures are at the heart of Cementine_Retrò. Grainy surfaces are added to the decorations, a classic of the 1900s that give the collection a post-industrial feel.

Joie de Vivre

Inspired by Boho Chic, the modern take on bohémien style: free and natural, Boho Chic loves Mix&Match, recovering materials from the past and the fresh, featherlight allure of natural fabrics. A collection in sensual colours that can be widely used for a variety of living styles.

Color and matter

The new Cementine_Cocci lines combine two prevailing trends in Fioranese’s current decorative approach. The Cementine tiles by Silvia Stanzani are characterised by the idea of “cocci” (small pieces) proposed at Cersaie 2017 in the collection of the same name. With Cementine_Cocci, the two Cementine_20 and Cementine_Black&White lines extend the existing range, based on the winning idea of recycling as a creative possibility.

Dress up the outdoors

Cementine_OpenAir brings a new twist to geometric and floral patterns dating back to the late 1800s, to dress up the outdoor areas of the modern home.
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